Top candidates from three Infantry Officer Development Period 1.1 courses are presented with the CIA Sword.


LCol A.D. (Alex) Haynes Commandant, Infantry School presents swords to each top candidate yesterday in the field at Enniskillen Range immediately prior to the platoon live fire attack range. Joining him in presenting swords was the Inf Sch DSM, MWO Rick Yuskiw.


TC 1601 Robinson

IODP 1.1 Course 1601 – 2Lt J.P. Robinson (Jesse), Infantry School

TC 1602 Takach

IODP 1.1 Course 1602 – 2Lt T.N. Takach (Trevor), 4 CDSB (he’s commissioned from the Ranks – formerly RCR)

TC 1603 Roy

IODP 1.1 Course 1603 – 2Lt C.S.A. Roy (Caroline), Fusiliers du St Laurent


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