RV 2013 Cancelled

1.  Regret to advise that due to circumstances beyond Army control RV

2013 has been cancelled.


2.  Due to Federal budget restrictions DND has capped conference expenditures at $25K making it impossible (at least for this year) to conduct RV 2013.


3.  CIA Council in a telecon last night determined that it would be imprudent and not cost effective to hold a May CIA AGM in Halifax outside the RV umbrella.


4. CIA Council will meet by telecon next month to discuss options for conducting CIA business and preserve beneficial trade show contacts.


5.  Cancellation of conference arrangements at this time should not result in out-of-pocket costs to CIA.


6.  Cancellation of individual member pre-booked accommodations in Halifax is recommended.


7.  Since all were advised flight arrangements were on hold pending DND confirmation no out of pocket costs will be borne by CIA members.


8.  Due to transitioning to a new computer platform electronic reply confirmations cannot be sent so an ack of this msg is requested.


9.  Direct any questions to undersigned.


10..  Ducimus!




LCol (ret’d} J/ A. Kenneth McCuaig. CD

Secretary Treasurer

Canadian Infantry Association

2 Responses to RV 2013 Cancelled

  1. While this is a little sad for the Association, as a taxpayer I have to commend the government for setting sights on back-end costs.

  2. Dawson Dawson says:

    I respectfully disagree. The bulk of the costs would have been from unit TD budgets that had already been approved – thus if the money was not spent on this, there would be incentive to spend it on something else. It is not only sad for the Association, it is sad for the Corps – a major PD opportunity canned, as well as a are opportunity for the sort of informal communication that keeps the chain of command better informed and responsive. And all for about $250K….

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